Style Care Kitchens understand that at differrent stages of your life, your requirements for how you use your kitchen may change. You may need to adapt the way you approach your food preparation, cooking and entertaining.

Clients Considersation:

  • Is the client ambulant, a wheelchair user or both?
  • If a wheelchair user, what is the width of the chair, what is the height of the control unit or arm rest?
  • Is the wheelchair due for review/change?
  • What upper limb range of movement do they have?
  • What upper limb strength do they have?
  • What is their strength and hand dexterity like?
  • Which hand is dominant?
  • What is their eyesight like?

Adaptations May Include:

  • Raise or Lower Worktops
  • Lower Sinks with Front and Back Taps
  • Pull Out Shelving / Adjustable Cupboards
  • Hobs with Front Controls
  • Wheelchair Access Oven
  • Power Point Accessability
  • Easy Grip Handles
  • Non Slip Tiles

When adapting or designing kitchens, Style Kitchens SA will carefully consider the needs of our clients and create the kitchen that is user-friendly, practical and safe.

If you are an organisation or care giver which requires the services of a kitchen company who can complement your requirements we would like to work with you and discuss the future possibilities of moulding long-term relationships.

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