Limited Mobility Tips

Here are some basic guidelines for quality bathroom designs and home modifications for the Elderly and those with Limited Mobility:

  • Install grab bars parallel to the floor, not diagonally, alongside the toilet and in the tub/shower area. Adding a vertical grab bar inside the bathing area is also a good idea.
  • Install vanities or sinks that are open under the sink to accommodate wheelchairs and benches.
  • Ensure countertops or sinks are 30-34 inches high for someone in a wheelchair, and 40 inches high for someone who has trouble bending.
  • Install toilets in an accessible bathroom that are approximately 18 inches high; seat extenders can help achieve this.
  • Hang mirrors lengthwise, along the back of the sink, not at standing eye level.
  • Ensure bathing benches are two-to-four inches smaller than the tub width to avoid puncturing the side walls.
  • Change bath fixtures and door handles to accommodate reduced hand coordination and grip.
  • Make sure there's plenty of room around the toilet for wheelchair manoeuvrability.
  • Ensure door entrances are 32 to 36 inches wide.
  • Install a hand shower rather than a fixed showerhead to allow for greater flexibility in the shower

Technology and Design for Bathroom Safety

Because StyleCare Bathrooms specialise in limited mobility bathroom design and style, we recognise that while a non-slip surface is perfect for a bath or shower we will also advise on the option of complete non-slip flooring, as well as making sure that the surface is easy to roll across in a wheelchair.

With advancing technology we can supply bathtubs that actually re-heat the bathwater to keep you soaking in the temperature you desire.

Advice on Bathroom Safety for Elderly or Disabled

Design for Safe Use

It is essential to try to eliminate clutter to make it easier to move around the bathroom, as decorative knick-knacks on countertops, extension cords, and hampers may impede the progress of someone with a disability to conduct business efficiently.


It is also important to adjust lighting based on an individual's needs.

Lighting may have to be lowered or brightened, or additional light sources may have to be added.


We can reposition all switches for ease of reach, including height. Paying attention to the use of cords and extension leads are important considerations for accident prevention.

Other important Bathroom and Home Safety Universal Design Principles

The floor plan should suggest the same level bathroom entrance – no steps or similar obstacles.

The entrance should be accessible for people with a wheelchair and should be wide enough for comfortable entrance and exit.

An ideal entrance is 36 inches or more. If privacy is not an issue, the entrance can be designed with a sliding door or curtain. However, a traditional door is preferred, make sure it can also be unlocked from the outside.

Walk-in showers or walk-in tubs are the best and safest option for disabled people. In fact, some bathroom floor plans can include a roll-in shower.

This allows disabled people in wheelchairs to directly enter the shower. As the preferred option, make sure the wheelchair is designed accordingly and is made from water-friendly and stainless materials.

It is ideal for bathroom plans designed for disabled people to have higher toilet seats for easy access.

The best height is 18 inches. You may also consider installing grab handles on the sides of the toilet seat for additional assistance.

Limited Mobility Tips ContentIn any of these bathroom design or renovation considerations, StyleCare Bathrooms will liaise with your preferred company, relative or yourself to achieve the best outcome for everything we do.

While working on your bathroom we can provide a portable ensuite, or just a toilet, if you require.

Take your time - Designed for Bathroom Safety

At StyleCare we don’t mind alterations midway through your renovation - sometimes you need to see, feel and test the room before you wish to finalise.

Safety in the Kitchen for Limited Mobility

We also install kitchens specially designed to your safety and Style specifications and can include any Free Kitchen Design Consultation. StyleKitchens work with suppliers to build products to your specific needs rather than simply using a generic design.

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