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Accessible Bathrooms for Limited mobility

Having Accessible bathrooms is a key feature in trying to design and style a bathroom for the elderly or those with limited mobility.

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5 questions Style Care will ask when planning an accessible bathroom:

  1. What bathroom activities require a user to need assistance?
  2. Are there medical supplies necessary and where do they need to be placed?
  3. Is a bath or shower preferred?
  4. What activities does a user do independently where grab bars should be placed?
  5. Will the user’s condition deteriorate over time and what will the user’s needs be in the future?

In a small bathroom, sometimes the door can be the biggest hindrance and with this in mind we can sometimes install a cavity slider or an external slider to maximise the available space.

Along with expanding the bathroom door, organisation is a must these days! Why not ask about storage in your bathrooms; we have lots of ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger and more accessible.

5 things we take into account when designing an accessible bathroom are:

  1. Bathing - Shower and Bath Accessibility
  2. Bathroom Sink and Vanity Accessibility
  3. Bathroom Toilet Accessibility
  4. Bathroom Lighting
  5. General Bathroom Access and Safety

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Disability Bathroom Information

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